• 2017. Online Workshop with Alejandro Castellote. Where is a project generated from?
      • 2017, Albarracín Photography and Journalism Festival. Worshop with Cristina Luca
      • Madrid, 2017.  workshop with Luis Gonzalez Palma. Tabacalera Promoción del Arte.
      • Madrid, 2016. “Mapping” workshop with Cynthia González. Tabacalera Promoción del Arte.
      • Madrid 2016. Art Marketing Workshop with Juan Curto. FIART.
      • Madrid, 2015. Master: Theory and art projects. Photoespaña.
      • Seville (Spain), 2014. Advanced photography course. Gloria Rodriguez.
      • Madrid 2013. Artistic Landscape workshop with Rosa Isabel Vazquez. AulaImagenat.
      • Madrid 2012. Composition workshop with Rosa Isabel Vazquez. AulaImagenat.
      • Asturias (Spain), 2012. Composition workshop with Rosa Isabel Vazquez.
      • Madrid, 2009. Hand flash course. EFTI.
      • Madrid, 2008. Digital retouching workshop with J. M. Mellado. Fotocasión.
      • Madrid, 2007. Photo-journalism workshop with Carlos Andrés. Man Ray School.
      • Alcalá de Henares, (Madrid) 2007. Workshop with Daniel Canogar. Campus Photoespaña,
      • Madrid, 2005. International Master´s Degree in Photography. EFTI.
      • Sevilla, 1992IT Engineering Degree. University of Seville. Spain


      • Madrid 2017. Real Sociedad Fotográfica. Solo exhibition.
      • Madrid, 2015. Photoespaña. Anabel Segura Cultural Center. Group Exhibition
      • Madrid, 2015. Miguel Delibes Center. Photobooks “Imposible Stories”. Group Exhibition
      • Sevilla, 2015. Container Art “Andalousian Contemporary Photography”. Group Exhibition
      • Cadiz, 2015. Puerto Real Hospital. The Book Week”. Solo Exhibition
      • La Rioja, 2014. Würth Museum. “Estudio 120m”. Group exhibition
      • Seville, 2013. Italian Pavilion. Cartuja Science and Technology Park. Group Exhibition
      • Puerto de Santa Maria, 2012. Milagros Delicado Gallery. Group Exhibition
      • Madrid, 2011. Juca Claret Gallery. Solo exhibition
      • Madrid 2010. Salón Siap. Moda Shopping. Group Exhibition
      • Seville, 2009. Estudio H Gallery. Solo exhibition
      • Madrid, 2008. Telefónica de España Cultural Centre. Group Exhibition
      • Madrid, 2007. La Plaza de las Artes Cultural Centre. Solo Exhibition
      • Madrid, 2006. Photoespaña, EFTI. Group Exhibition.
      • La Granja (Segovia) 2006. Garajarte Gallery. Solo Exhibition
      • Madrid, 2005. Telefónica de España Cultural Centre. Solo Exhibition.
      • Seville, 2004. Virgen de la Luz Centre. Solo Exhibition


      • 2016. Shortlisted for “Descubrimientos Photoespaña”.
      • 2006. Finalist. “Ciudad de Barañain Competition”.
      • 2014. La Rioja. Shortlisted for the 120m Competition. Würth Museum.


      • Henan (China), 2018. China Photography Festival. Selected by anonymous jury convined by the Royal Photography Association (RSF Madrid)
      • Plasencia, 2011. World Gay Art. Juca Claret gallery.


      • Henan (China), 2018. Production and Travelling. CPF Organization
      • Henan, 2018. Anhui Photographic Association. Travelling and acomodattion. CPF
      • Madrid 2017. Tabacalera Promoción del Arte.
      • Madrid 2016. Tabacalera Promoción del Arte.
      • Madrid 2015. Finalist “La Maquina” Burse.

Private Collections

      • Photographs in Maria Reig Private Collection.