From the very beginning, my work has been an introspection tool allowing me to sail among my emotions, obsessions, and internal conflicts.

I have always felt each piece of art offers me an opportunity to have a wider and deeper vision of my personal emotional and spiritual evolution. Therefore, I have tried to create metaphoric images of emotional states that have allowed me to talk about realities as real as intangibles, in my artistic work. Images that invite to be examined through a deeply emotional contemplation, that position the viewers facing their own reality. They invite the observers to connect through them with their own self, allowing them to have another perception of this, a different way of understanding it and modifying it.

A reflection over memory as pain, the paradoxical family history as a pillar and nest of fossilized and irreparable incorporeal erosions. Immersion in this intricate and complex inner map with the desire that the image expresses the imperceptible. These pieces of work are an attempt, intimate and very personal, to give a body to the ghosts that disturb me so that the viewers can identify through my photographs those that bother themselves.”

Mar León